The story

A single man changes the course of History


Join millions of players

Build, explore and conquer land, fortune and glory in a blockchain powered historical world, filled with exciting opportunities to play and own!


The Gameplay

Explore the map & Choose your


Build your empire

Build your empire equipped with the essential buildings, upgrade for higher power and legacy. With the right strategy and perseverance, pave your path to become the most powerful empire in the Medieval times.

Recruit your forces

Recruit, train and enhance your army with a selection of brave heroes and soldiers. With the skillsets like archery, cavalry and sword fighting, choose the right army to launch attack on invaders to defend your empire.

Get your Land

Land owners in Medieval Empires can build their own empire by playing themselves and inviting other players to join them to build a better and stronger empire. The towns can also be rented out to other players who are willing to become a part of your empire's legacy. Land NFT's are available for you to start building your empire.


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